About Us

Mr. Hankee was founded in 2013 under one simple mantra:

“Dress up your pocket with products made in America and at an affordable price.” 

Yes, really, it’s possible.  Yes, we also know it’s not the 50’s.

Asghar Ali, the founder, one day was on a hunt to find a simple pocket square to match his outfit for a friend’s wedding.  On his hunt for affordable dapperness he came to one conclusion:  “Who the hell pays $25 or more for a pocket square?!”  Realizing this stupidity, he dropped by his local fabric store and found arrays of great fabrics for potential pocket floss.  Then, just like when two sea otters mate, an idea was born. 

Located in Orange County, California, Asghar assembled a team of pocket square X-Men, including the one and only FIDM’s Vivian Le, to once again bring back the color to your coat pocket and also some of that green back to your pant pocket.  

Each Square is hand stamped with Mr. Hankee’s “signature” and is delivered free of charge within the US.  So stop waiting for those half yearly sales or elusive coupon codes and bring some color to your pocket!